• Nosiola


    Nosiola, the most characteristic local variety from the Trentino region, nowadays not quite as common; it is part of our heritage

  • Chardonnay


    Chardonnay, originally from Burgundy, was introduced to the Trentino Alto Adige Region at the beginning of the past century..

  • Pinot Grigio

    Pinot Grigio

    We create it using the grape of the same name, which was introduced to the Trentino-Alto Adige Region during the first-half of the past century

  • Müller Thurgau

    Müller Thurgau

    Together with the Chardonnay, this is the first wine we ever bottled (1986 vintage). Its delicate fragrance is obtained using only Müller Thurgau grapes picked in exclusive arboured..

  • Sauvignon


    Originally from the Loire and Gironde areas in France, it was introduced and gained popularity in our area during the eighties, where it is grown

  • Moscato Giallo

    Moscato Giallo

    We were inspired and almost haunted by the taste of an aged (back then, it was 18 years old) dry Moscato Giallo wine of the “homemade” 1970’s vintage

  • Sanròc Gewürztraminer

    Sanròc Gewürztraminer

    The picture on the label is evocative of the “Orsa della Vigolana” (The Bear of Vigolana), which is a dark shape that appears on the snow-covered North Wall of the Vigolana mountain

  • Armìlo Teroldego

    Armìlo Teroldego

    Armìlo is derived from the harmonious blend of mother’s name Armida and father’s name Nilo. This name is perfect to describe the harmony of our red wine.

  • Gabàn Cabernet-Merlot

    Gabàn Cabernet-Merlot

    Gabàn Cabernet-Merlot: it is the apex of our production. A wine with a strong identity, in which we fully believe. The name, Gabàn, comes from “Riparo Gabàn”,

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We are a family-run firm (managed by siblings Diego, Sergio, Renzo and Lucia), which we have grown with the tenacious support of our mother, Armida. The business started in our historic facilities (which are still in use) back in 1952, when our father Nilo purchased them; while the facilities themselves (which always had their own cellar) were built in the late nineteenth-early twentieth century.

We create mostly white wines using grapes grown in the hills around Lavis, Val di Cembra and Trento, which we mostly buy from local farmers, with whom we have had excellent and solid relations for decades. Since our 1986 vintage we have been running our own small selections in the countryside, which we use in our productions, which adds up to a few tens of thousands of bottles in total. With the 2000 and 2004 vintages, we create, using our own vineyards, our exclusive “Cru”: Gabàn and Sanròc, respectively.


  • Vinitaly 07-10 April 2019, Pad. 3 Stand B1: Come and taste with us our wines at Vinitaly in Verona!


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